Once upon a time, Pulau Dayang Bunting was a large island located south of Langkawi. The southern part of the island consists of Setul and Chuping Formation limestone. The process of continuous coastal erosion and sea level changes has resulted in dozens of small islands known as remnant islands. Dayang Bunting remnant island cluster is located in the southernmost part, namely, Batang, Ajar, Puchong, Gubang Darat, Gubang Laut, Balar, Tajai, Straits of Riang-Riang and Ujung Buloh. The process of sea erosion and collapsed cliff has caused the cape to break off from the main island to form isolated remnant islands.

The process of sea erosion creates various landscapes of scenic beauty and rocky island erosion morphology, such as sea caves, sea arches, sea notches, cliffs, sea stumps and wave abrasional platforms. These rocky remnant islands are covered by shrubs in the cracks of rocks that can store some water. The flora here is rugged and resistant to extreme weather. The remnant islands provide shelter and refuge to the coastal fishermen when the sea is rough.

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