The wellbeing and enrichment of the local community is one of the pillars that Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark is focusing on. We immerse ourselves in the local culture and highlight the uniqueness of this beautiful island.

Langkawi is home to people of many different communities and cultural backgrounds. To know more about their fascinating stories, follow us on our dedicated channel called Orang Langkawi.

Kopi Puteh – Local Premixed Coffee

One of the many products that Langkawi is famous for producing locally is their beautifully aromatic coffee. Here’s a story of a couple who have been creating delicious premix & instant coffee right on the island since 2005. Watch how they expanded their product offerings, from a simple roasting recipe that was handed down from generation to generation.

Datai Valley – Virgin Coconut Oil

The sense of cultural traditions & practices lives strongly in the locals, and with that comes traditional remedies made from natural ingredients found throughout the island. One of those natural remedies is the use of virgin coconut oil for skincare and overall health benefits. Watch how an enterprising lady has made it her mission to share these health benefits with the world after seeing their miraculous effects first hand.

Mahsuri Gold – Herbal Balm

Here in Langkawi the name Mahsuri carries within itself a sense of myth and folklore. For this very driven entrepreneur, she takes it upon herself the responsibly to making sure that her natural balm products succeeds, and make the name Mahsuri proud. Watch her journey of hard work and unwavering persistence towards becoming a global entrepreneur.

Two Pie Craft – Tempurung Craft

The practice of upcycling is not new to the island, for generations local communities in Langkawi have been finding multiple purpose for the items found in nature, one in particular is the coconut. After consuming its delicious water or using the white flesh to make coconut milk, the husk is turned into fuel for tinder. Watch how this artisan, create beautiful works of art with coconut husk that would otherwise just be burnt away.

Gamat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sea cucumbers can be found throughout the waters off Langkawi, and has a longstanding tradition amongst the islanders to have a myriad of health benefits. Watch how this entrepreneur found a way to incorporate the healing benefits of sea cucumber to her delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing

Of the many souvenirs that tourists bring back from their time in Langkawi, are beautiful glass blown crystals created by a master craftsman with over 30 years of experience. Watch how he uses this age old craft to forge intricate works of art.

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