This sea level is at an altitude of 23 m above sea level, now representing the ancient sea notch. At this site, there are piles of various shells of ancient marine animals, such as Saccostrea cucullata stone oysters, Anadara granosa shells, Ostrea sp. and Telescopium telescopium snails. These shells were dated to about 7,000 years old. This scientific evidence shows that the sea level in the Langkawi Archipelago at that time was more than 20 m above sea level now.

Sea level changes occur over time depending on the tectonic activity in a region or because of climate change. The vegetation here is represented by sand beach and limestone flora, such as Cycad clivicola. The beach near this geosite is known as the Dead China Bay, believed to be related to Chinese traders who once visited Langkawi but died there. This geosite is only suitable for hill-climbing and public recreation.

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