Natural resources that are sustainably developed may be utilised as resources for ecotourism that have continuous carrying capacity. Langkawi islands have diverse natural resources that form the dominant heritage of which cannot be found elsewhere in the world. The richness and diversity of geological resources, landscape, flora and fauna including cultural resources, that are inherited by Langkawi are important assets in the development of tourism industry in the modern era that is based on experience and knowledge on the environment, geological and biological diversity and culture. Geological and landscape features of Langkawi fit the requirement for the development of the geopark concept as envisaged by UNESCO. The geopark concept emphasised sustainable development of natural resources through conservation activities and edutourism and recreation for the purpose of supporting socioeconomic development of local communities. This concept is able to enhance the image of Langkawi as a destination of tourism, that is able to attract more tourists to come and appreciate the beauty of nature and community culture of Langkawi. The geopark concept also encourages the establishment of small industries based on innovation among the local communities particularly in the production of geoproducts and bioproducts. All these activities as proposed in the geopark concept could support the conservation of the environment in addition to bringing more tourists to visit Langkawi.



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