Langkawi Economy

For generations only the low lying parts of Langkawi have been used for paddy planting, while the rest of the island occasionally experienced intruders, such as rattan collectors, medicine men or botanists into its jungle.

Little has changes, especially around the mountain of Gunung Raya, at the centre of the island, where it looks as if time has come to a standstill. The water buffaloes still have their mud baths to protect themselves against the sand flies. Rice fields dominate the surroundings and the people are friendly and relaxed. The latest news or gossip is traded in Kedai Kopi-the local coffee bar.

After paddy planting, fishing is the main source of income for the local Malay people. However, nowadays many of them have exchanged the hard wooden bench of a fishing boat for the comfortable driver’s seat of a taxi, with its shelter against sun and rain.

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