Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park


Located in an island south of Langkawi, Pulau Dayang Bunting features Langkawi’s largest freshwater lake, Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden). Legend tells the love story between Mat Teja and Mambang Sari, a beautiful female sprite. Struck by Mambang Sari’s beauty, Mat Teja sought the advice of a local sage, who advised him to wipe his face with mermaid tears.

Immediately after doing so, Mambang Sari saw him and fell in love. Before long, they were happily married and soon it was time for Mambang Sari to give birth, but the baby died seven days later. In intense sorrow, she laid the body to rest in the deep waters of a lake.

Looking at the surrounding mountains, you can see Mambang Sari’s outline as a pregnant woman, guarding the watery tomb of her child. Since then, villagers began to associate the lake with magical powers. They believed the lake’s water possessing mystical ability of healing infertile women.